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John Washington, a presidential candidate in 2024, started a social media platform that offered financial aid for people to go to college, become home owners, get funding for new businesses, and other services.

As Mr. Washington points out, this group will allow members to connect with one another and discuss life and future business plans.

Every member of the TWA Club, is entitled to shares in the profits from the businesses that Mr. Washington creates for the people. In every business that he creates on behalf of the people, Mr. Washington doesn't profit all funds are divided between all members. There are a variety of companies including real estate, a rideshare service, a major franchise restaurant, but Mr. Washington number one goal is to acquire multiple apartment complexes. According to Mr. Washington, a structure like this can make millions of people rich.

For more information you may contact 2024 presidential candidate John Washington office and if you are intersted in visiting the TWA Platform you may go to

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