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Indecent exposure is still indecent exposure.

2020 for Presidential Candidates John Washington feels that our government across the land needs to really enforce indecent exposure.

Mr. Washington feels that it’s crazy that local governments will approve a woman showing her private parts as long as she is wearing a fishnet. And he also feels that it’s crazy that no woman leaders have a problem with that.

Mr. Washington also feels breast-feeding in public should also be a legal, Because there are other ways that a woman can feed their child stating that they have created breast pumps.

Mr. Washington states, now is the time to really empower our women and not downgrade them, but not accept their X-rated activities in public.

John Washington States that our kids must be 18 or older to go see an R-rated movie at the movies or with an adult, it’s not fair to push this on our kids.

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