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Basketball League

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John Washington is creating this basketball league for local governments to bring in more revenue.

It will be 30 basketball teams across the U.S. Each team will have their own Roku and Fire tv channel, and all those channels will have a subscription fee of $7.99 per month for their viewers. Every investor/teams will split the profits from all tv subscriptions.


The United States has approximately 333,278,200 people, from calculating 50 million subscribers that will bring $399,5000,000 per month and $4,794,000,000 a year that will be divided into the investors/30 teams .

It will cost $5,000,000 for a city/police department to join the basketball league. 

Police Tv Channel


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Basketball Events

Any person/company can sponsor a team. 

All sponsored revenue will be split between investors/teams.

For companies and people that would like to advertise on a certain basketball team tv channel, revenue will be split between investors/teams.

Every team will keep 100% of the profits that come from each home game.

All basketball team merchandise revenue will be split between investors/teams.

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